happy birthday, beautiful

what I see as the definition of a partner:

the person who thinks of you, before you ask them to
the person who is willing to give you space and time when you need it, and suggest you need it, when you don't already know.
the person who can't help but wrap their arms around you, and show you their love
the person who you find in your future plans
the person who encourages and prods you to do the great things you're capable of
the person who is willing to go on an adventure with you
the person who makes love to you gently and fucks you vigorously
the person who could kiss you for hours
the person who keeps their own personality while integrating with yours

yes, I love her like the moon loves the sun        back in the day, gorgeous and dangerous
who I found at WunderlandLauren Biehl
August 15th
may all your dreams come true
time traveling again, back to the 80's as you can see -- can you tell which one is Lauren?
mesmerized by her, body and soul     I knew when I looked into her eyes that I could not live without her, no matter what
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  • over a year together, and we've gone through plenty already. can't believe I get to be with you. can't believe you love me as much as I love you. can't believe it's been a year. can't wait for the rest!

    I love you so much, sugar. Every day is a perfect day with you in my life.

    Thank you, to all who made Lauren's life possible, from conception, birth and childhood, through all the many lives she's already lived. Thank you for bringing us together. I promise to always cherish and love her.


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