x marks the spot


just too damn hard, too damn hard to keep my nose to the grindstone, too damn hard to keep a straight face, too damn hard to stop the tears from coming...

the day after the first year anniversary and everyone seems as emotionally raw as if it had just happened yesterday. I hurt. She hurts. Every where I go tempers flare, eyes well up with water, ultimatums made, feelings hurt, frustration felt and all the while the children inside of us cry.

remember. remember to be kind, even when it's hard. remember to listen, even though you may want to scream. remember that whatever you may conjure up as reality in your own head, it still has to be reconciled with the reality of your loved ones. remember your commitments.

new york city, financial district... location of ground zero, miles away from my heart, where a scorching x marks the spot. 
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