give it a minute

road tripping
a random requirement foisted on my loved ones
usually taken in stride

This time Lauren and I drove to Springfield, MO to see my family for Xmas.

Among the wonders we encountered...
not including Aunt Lois' zoo of animals and people, with a dash of Granny...
were these wind mills
presumably a sign of alternate fuels

cold reminder of the pickle we've put ourselves in

thanks for the movies, sweetie... nice job!

life goes on
sometimes I wonder if I'm as strange as I think I am

keep your eye on the swinging ball
make sure it doesn't bonk you on the way back

keep your head up
your bills paid
your kitchen clean
your laundry done
your lover happy
and your boss satisfied

come back when you've done all that and I'll tell you if you're a sucessful human being or not

like I'd know.

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