and this is what i thought...

okay I think that i get it now...
the difference between martin and me, maybe
the difference of knowing blood in the teeth, in the mouth
just disagreeing about how and why, when
and being of the mindset that peace is always the answer.
that peace should be the goal and therefore always taken.

current conditions, according to the weather channel

sitting under the shelter of my hrefs, hiding under the code of html, I read the news. these days not necessarily a good thing. and I worry. I worry about Venezuela, where the capitalists back the protesters. I worry about PETA type folks... the Greenpeace types that do more than just walk through rich neighborhoods, begging for money. Where does the boundary lie between the two? Who is using whom, here?

Yes, protesting is a time honored tradition here. Yes, we are a self-centered country... the generic "man" in international terms... we consider ourselves first and why shouldn't we, we wonder aloud.

Even our protests are twisted and sickened... masses of bikers rally around a charismatic few who siphon up their riches from our sadness... societies of new thought, mixed with religious tones and bitter drugs, steal our hearts and borrow our money until all we had is lost.

God help us -- we need a spiritual colonic like ever. We are feverish and ill with ourselves and the thin protection of the sun doesn't help either. Still we have not learned.

The once oppressed sits as oppressor. He doesn't know where the line lies, either, between being committed to peace or taking the stand for what he will not lose again. How long? How long is long enough for sins to be washed away? How long will dark faces want for reparation and how long should the fair feel fault?

If you don't give in first, who will?

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