remember the beat

oooo, supe super slow
break it down
remember the rhythm
the slow spin of the globe
take a breath in
don't let it go
slow down
supe, super slow

I'm not sure how to make myself mean something

I don't know how to force meaning into words that have been over-re-spoken
can't force the feeling
must feel first
describe later

easy, easy now
nod ya head and remember
remember how the flow go
remember your roots
remember what you're good at
remember it's okay if it doesn't work
remember it's okay if you forget

easy, easy, queasy
keep the beat going, steady going
dum, dum... da dum.
dum, dum... da dum
back and forth slow
gentle rocking of mama tum
gentle rhythm of waves on rock and sand
just roll with it


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