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Shelby T. is so old-school... she'd rather hard code than drag-n-drop. She'd rather knock noggins with compressed clay than let an old friend -- who had let her down -- be let down... only to find him at the bottom of the well anyway.

So. Time to analyze, modify and move forward. Rather than re-do the whole web page everytime, what about compartmentalizing and switching out the components as needed?

Check it out.
a thing of beauty

a wife, a woman who loves you and will do anything she can -- even go outside of her comfort zone -- so that you can be as happy as possible... a woman with a beautiful face, eyes of love and the soul to match it.

an ego, a sense of self, a sense of pride. even while knowing that you are not perfect, or maybe even not exactly what you had in mind, you are stunning, dapper. with a sense of humor, a sense of style can survive any bad press. with the knowledge that you can't know everything, you are self-assured and kind in the same moment.

babies... new and newer... the face of the future... a face untainted by ill will... a new beginning... hope... Kelly Murphy and Simon Kadesh. Blessed be.

We must have hope. Without hope we can't even get out of bed in the morning. The world is bigger than all of us. The sum is greater than simply all the parts in one room, at one time. What it takes to keep the city working, the country growing and safe, is just of fraction of what it takes to keep the moon in the sky.

wife, babies, capital with moon

Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy. While not always on point with where you are in life, this never fails to give me just a little sliver of information that might keep me from falling off the edge of the world.