Monday, August 15, 2005


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Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Lauren's 41'st Birthday  
Sweet, sweet woman
You know that if I could
I'd buy you the moon
If I could
I'd put the world on a string
Just for you

For every change you make
I just love you more
Ever growing, always learning
You take me along
Rocketing away, I remain your rock

For every birthday we celebrate
I love you even more
Various cakes, various settings - beach, tub, elegant restaurants
A million and one ways to tell you
I love you

There are other beautiful women in the world
Like Kate and Karen above
Strong, sexy, graceful
But none are you, the many faces of Lauren
I love them all, each one

Okay, so I don't know a whole lot about planets and stars, but I do know when to duck when it is suggested. Don't swallow it whole, but peruse for nuggets of wisdom.