September 23, 2005


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what the hell are we doing?

rescuing torah scrolls from Katrina's flood watersJuxtaposing my life against the plight of those less fortunate, I realize how good I really have it. I have not been given an eviction notice. I have not had all my belongings washed away to sea. I do not spend every day feeling trapped in a life I do not want. I have a job, a beautiful home and a fabulous wife. I have a car, and yes gas is expensive, but I can do what I need to do. I know how to scale back, whittle it down, and I know how to live large. I am pretty good at knowing when to do which, as well.

Having most of my life in a good place allows me to think about luxurious ideas, like how the world is being managed, who is in charge and what do they want... how do I help other people whose misfortune lays on the foundation of their exploitation, how do I protect people like myself from others who would eliminate them based on who they love, how they love, or how they spend their time?

Gay Seminarians Face Purge: Pope Benedict XVI OKs guidelines for unpublished policy to bar ordination of homosexuals A witch hunt for the bad guys invariably allows the bad apples at the root to protect themselves. If you want to stop child molestation, talk about child molestation, not queer love. It's about power. It's about re-enacting the first seven years of our lives in an attempt to fix what's wrong in our heads. Go to the root of the problem and stop slicing up that red herring.

Okay, so I don't know a whole lot about planets and stars, but I do know when to duck when it is suggested. Don't swallow it whole, but peruse for nuggets of wisdom.