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let me tell you this: I was really there
I really drank the koolaid
really wanted this to work

only to have it shattered
the illusion forever tainted
no option of going back
because back really never existed

I am gullible
and too nice for my own good.
and my marriage is over.
shel_portrait_fresco_sm.jpg the new Jew
stretching towards Hebrew
potential qualifications:
  • studied French -- for faux Israeli accent
  • learned to speak German -- to eavesdrop on Yiddish kvetching
  • studied Russian -- to bridge the Askenazic gap
  • potential to be completely paranoid
  • Some interesting stuff I'm reading... to practice my Hebrew...

    Washington Post ... you gotta have a "subscription" but at least it's free.

    good Shabbes!      single in the city - click for larger image!      Sarah J