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(borat)  niiiiiiice  (/borat)

it's a digital burka!  the eyes are all you need... they will show you everything you need to know.

chilly water, chilly day the new Jew
stretching towards Hebrew

are ya wit me?
I'm taking it letter for letter, prayer for prayer
I'm reminded of memorizing the sounds
before I memorized the words
yanno, when I was learning to read in English
this time I'm psyching nobody out.
Rock it, girlfriend.

I am…

… waxing philosopher extraordinaire
… brilliant and beautiful
… striking to look at and engaging to hear
I am animated and calm, centered and all over the place and comfortable with both.
I am BIG, please excuse me as I proceed to
I'm sure you'll find this rhythm… soothing, engaging, energizing, and down right snappy.

moon over monterey