April 22, 2008


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Schlomo Rules!

Hag Sameach!  Happy Passover!!I'd like to thank all the folks who have made the last week very special for me. I think I'll always remember the week of my Bat Mitzvah.

It started with Passover, actually the day before Pesach, at Sandra Sadoff's super fly flat just over the border in Chevy Chase, MD. On the 16th floor her condo is a luscious place to have a holiday feastival. Her family and friends are hysterical and always great company. The songs were unique ("no more moo"?), and the kids' participation was totally cute. I think that was the first time I've seen actual children at a Seder.

So I missed Friday night services being at the Sadoff's. But that was cool. I went to services Saturday morning, went home, had a sensible lunch and took my Sabbath nap.

Then I went to dinner out with The Girls, otherwise known as the band of dykes. From the far reaches of suburbia they came, descended upon Capital Hill like a swarm of sensible leather shoes. Okay, that didn't work… but leather shoes were totally in vogue at this shindig. I didn't get a pic of the shoes, but I did snap one after beers and mojitos. Fun was had by all!plenty of liquid happiness

There was a Sunday service, badly publicized, but it was Sue Shankman's sermon, and Susan Bornick chanting, so of course I hauled myself out of bed and went. I don't recall if I napped or not then, but later that night I went to the 2239 Seder at Matisse. It was hard to find the restaurant and on the way my driver's side window rolled down and disappeared into the door. I gerry-rigged a large plastic bag and a small umbrella to block the oncoming rain and went ahead to the Seder. What a brave bear! It was a blast. I sat at the table with Joui and Susan Bornick, which turned out to be very cool.

Yet, two Seders were not enough for this Über-Jew. There was a 3rd night Seder, being webcast live from the home of Carl and Elise Weaver. That was nuts. And tons of fun. The vegetarians put a dog biscuit on the Seder plate in place of the shankbone. And at my casual reference they included an orange, and I got to tell that story. Very cool.

Now, I get to spend the next few days considering my next step: becoming a Bat Mitzvah. I know my Torah portion. I know my Haftorah portion. I know the blessings. I know my blocking, I think. I know I'm nervous, and I'm excited. And thrilled, really. It'll be over in a flash, but I did spend (am spending) a lot of time before hand, anticipating, contemplating, and generally just being amazed.

practicing reading the Torah scroll

Thank you, Hashem, for sustaining me, and keeping me, and bringing me to this moment in time. Nice work.