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A Homecoming of Sorts

I had almost updated this site in May. I went to the trouble of making an archive page, and actually posting that to the live site. But I never re-did the main page. And I wondered to myself: What happened?

Couple of things: Work got busy. I decided to sign up for martial arts. I broke up with Sarah, deciding I was simply not relationship I'm feeling kinda Sunday.... material of any sort right now. Then I signed up for Hebrew class. Then things REALLY got busy at work.

Oh, and I found Facebook.

Then some other shit started going down, and I started to write like a maniac. I was so prolific on Facebook, it was freaking me out. I was writing people left and right. I started writing little snippets of shit. Word things, structured almost and nearly poetic.

So if you're not on Facebook, boogie on over and sign up. It's free. And I'm there, trying to be all entertaining and shit. Compulsively. My need/knack for bumpersticker slogans has been completely subsumed by a marriage between Twitter and Facebook. I am, officially, a nut.

Jah Blog Bear

I've started a slightly different type of site... one that will get updated on a much more regular basis, or so I think. We'll have to see. I've been diligent... obsessed with Facebook, which is essentially a pre-formed Blog, with lots of random stuff. Now I'm putting a personal blog into my site. It's different from the main page, if only because it's more free-form, and much less edited.

It's not for the faint of heart, or, like parents. It's real, it's gritty and I curse a lot. Or at least I plan to. Please don't go in here and then tell me how gross or mean or whatever it is that I am being. That's why it's behind this curtain. Don't read it if you're gonna get all grossed out. Weirded out. Whatever.