December 12, 2008


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I'm finally on vacation -- or as the folks at work called it staycation. I've started it off right by calling in to Sword class and just taking a long nap this afternoon. I had to make myself get up to watch the OU game -- totally worth getting up for. Now it's quarter to four in the morning, and I've got laundry going, the dishwasher washing, the TV's talking about violent crime with beautiful faces, and there's a mountain of clean clothes towering next to me.

So for my staycation I'll be studying for my final, and trying to keep too busy doing other stuff. I've got dinner plans, and promises to meet and call people. Probably too much to get done. And I must focus on the Hebrew. I'll give myself today as a total wash, a moment to relax, to get my sleep schedule all out of wack.

Otherwise I continue my usual self-absorbed belly button gazing, wondering why I do what I do, what causes me to do it. Going to Torah study this morning made me want to try to capture some of the awesome ideas flying around, maybe even document the characters around the table. There are so many of them, and the interplay has become so complex, that could be a novel on its own. I was impressed by the Rabbi's ability to keep things going on track and mostly under control.

So many things to do: things I need to do, things I want to do. And then, there's just sleep.