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    the time of month, the moon
tells where we should be
Hallmark and the calendar agree
we should be in love
it's time to celebrate and
you know
get laid, do something that says
you're my boo, that's great


great would be
skin on skin
great would be
snoring from the other side
would be a face
smiling back
between mine
that are not mine

tremble and shake
treble and bass
I don't know my own rhythm

half-baked and definitely not done
I continue to cook
get busy, things to do

and bittersweet
I twirl about in my own space
finally alone, relieved and
I hope for unscheduled time
even my own demands annoy me
I twirl about in my own head
wishing for what I had and left
out of frustration, need, fear

consider the potent trifecta
christmas, new year then
these three things have pinned me before
postponed an escape for months
and now
I am smarter
I bail faster
I keep my distance
but I fall in love anyway

and that, children,
is the true story of breaking hearts
running from fear and frustration
attempting to leap into passion from the cold

there are so many things to want
so many things to need
no one person can do everything
not even yourself