I feel the Earth move
under my feet

girlfriend no longer, she's my fiancee
And I have a sinking feeling that the sky might be falling down. Actually I'm sure of it. Although it's hard to be distracted by the world falling apart when you've fallen so very in love yourself. With all this gravity, where's the gravy? Waiting for me at home, wishing she hadn't been laid off but secretely appreciating the freedom.

Yeah, okay, so Lauren is my gravy. What can I say? If life is a basket of fries, Lauren is my gravy. God bless her, for her patience, for her passion, and most of all for her love.

Do you know what she did just yesterday? Yesterday at about 7:30 PM, in our single bedroom as I was dropping things on the floor, she was bending down, on both knees, and surprized me with a diamond earring. She said would you marry me and I said yes before she was even done.

It wasn't the first time the subject came up... I had asked before -- sans diamond and while lying in bed, which I'm not sure counts. We were all agreed. And we had done some rock shopping, fogging up the glass at Tiffany's. That's when I told her I didn't really want a rock on my finger, but I'd love a diamond for my ear.

She was all over it.

And yes, I cried. Because it was so sweet, and so... well I just didn't think anyone was ever going to do that to me. You know?

It takes a lot to make a bull dyke feel like a girl, but Lauren makes it possible for me to be whoever I need to be: strong or soft, boyish or girly, she loves it all.


Where I've Been Before

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