taxi philosophy

One of the best things about living in the city, especially the neighborhood I'm in, is that I can take a taxicab to work when I'm running really late. It's five bucks, six if it's still all you need is Shelrush hour, and frankly, you just can't beat that. Step out onto the street, flag down a car, and away you go, off to work for only five bucks, and you're there in an instant. How cool is that?

The other amazing thing about taking a taxi to work is that you get to talk to a true street philosopher. These guys are in the car all day, picking up business people, legislators, busty young interns, who knows who else? Most of the drivers listen to NPR or some other news radio. Lots of them do alternate business on cell phones as they drive. But all of them have a unique perspective on the human race and are generally willing to talk about it.

Taxi drivers tell me about the futility of working hard every day just to pay the high rent of a fly apartment, about the reality of war in Afganistan and Vietnam, about the chances of my landing the job I'm interviewing for. Taxi drivers are great. They are the world's best barometer. Every time I interview for a job and take a cab to get there I tell the cabbie, "I'm going on an interview, wish me luck." They'll tell me whether or not I'll get the job.

I love taxi drivers.

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    and for those of you who thought I'd go a whole month without singing the praises or generally fawning over my love, Lauren... YOU'RE WRONG! I love my girl, with all my might. I thank the sun and moon and stars every day for putting her in my path. I promise to love, honor and respect her everyday. Amen.


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