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sethI just had a fabulous weekend with out of town guests. Seth, Cassie and Ben Kadesh graced our beautiful home with their beautiful faces. We dined, primarily, and chatted constantly. Ben was entertained by Sponge Bob, Fantasia 2000 and our car elevator.
cassie, melting
Of course Ben was too cute.
Somehow I wound up with more pictures of Lauren, though. Strange. ;-)

She's gonna kill me for putting this up here. She claims she's not photogenic. Granted, in real life she's fucking fabulous. So I thought if I made her image seem to move, maybe I could digitize that killer sache she's got. I did manage to capture a little of her essence in that final smile.

That's my number one stunner. Wow.

Wanna see the ring I put on her finger?best thing I've ever done with my money
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